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Digital Storytelling 2021

Funded by The Futures Group for Ashfield and Nottingham

Digital Storytelling was an exciting opportunity for people with complex needs from Nottingham City and County to produce a video that showcases their skills and tells their insightful and engaging personal stories. The participants achieved a Level 2 Award in Skills for the Working in Digital Technology Industries by producing a digital portfolio including a podcast and a personal video CV / story.

Improved levels of confidence has been stated by all participants for a variety of reasons:

· being able to talk in a group

· being able to present their video story as an introduction to a personal presentation

· being able to lead a group in a creative activity

· being able to apply for jobs knowing they have something to talk about at interview

· being able to use digital technology to create media content

· knowing more about how to set up as self-employed

· knowing more about creating digital and social media content for online promotion

· being able to produce a video without previous knowledge of video production

Watch Beth's stunning animation below and to watch more video stories from this project please contact us via email for a secure link. We do it this way to be respectful to our participants.


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