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Changing Tracks 2018 funded by Big Lottery Fund

Antenna, Nottingham

Whatever your story. Be influential. Tell it.

Changing Tracks was lottery funded with personal stories at its heart. In a digital age of message saturation, it can be hard for us to cut through the noise and make our voices heard. Here, we harnessed the timeless power of storytelling to engage with audiences and make a difference.

Evaluation and extensive feedback revealed the course impact to be:

• An increase in the development of digital skills for employers

• Positive development in communication and personal presentation skills

• Feeling optimistic about future and prospects

• Willingness to contribute to an effective team

• Increased accepting attitude to life and to those around them

• Increased confidence, self-esteem and sense of worth

• Reduction in a sense of isolation and self-stigma

• Reduction in negative associations and activities

Listen to Mark's Story...

Watch Andrew's Story...


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